Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kickball Cheerleader/Score Keeper

Well the kickball season started again. This time with out me. Well... with out me playing in the field. But I am play right bench for the team "Brickell Slap and Tickle", our division is FL Fuego.

And yes I said kickball. It is WAKA (World Adult Kickball Assoc.). There are divisions literally all over the world. So check out the site and see if there is one near you or if you have enough people you can probably start your own. I have told people many times about kickball I've been talking about it and people say "errr... wait. Kickball?? You mean like...", "Yes just like in the third grade with the big red ball." The look on most people's face is great every time because you can see it just brings back their childhood memories of playing on the playground.

My team was saddened to hear last month that I would not be returning with my all-star like kicking an running abilities. But really the league is all about meeting people and just having a great time. So I figured I had met so many people I couldn't just not show up. I had to show my support for my team either by being the cheerleader or the beer bitch or something.

So I showed up on Sunday for the first game. The best part was the field was still locked and many people were either climbing the fence or walking ALL the way around. Neither was going to work for me. Luckily Miami Parks Dept. showed up to let us gimps and people that decided not to walk or climb in.

Well the game wasn't very successful to our team. We ended up playing the champions from the previous season. I'll leave it at it wasn't a complete shut out. I was the score keeper. Apparently I hit my head when I broke my ankle because for some reason I missed an entire inning and all I had to drink was about 1/4 cup of the punch. The odd thing is I had the correct score but I guess I just doubled up in one column or something. But good thing somebody else was paying attention.

There are some teams or some people here and there that take the game seriously, too seriously sometimes. There are other divisions like the Grove that are a bit more serious then ours. Obviously nobody wants to lose but really it's about having fun and meeting people. I do plan on registering for the next season probably this spring. I'll be back.

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Drago said...

Can't wait to see you riding again. We just got Ben & Bino back from their freakish injuries. I've been volunteering at Quiet Waters to bring some trails back. By the time you're ready we should have at least 1 trail done. Otherwise it's been stupid HOT on the trails.